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A logo is the identity of a company. We know that any business runs with the product or the service they perform. The name of the company is sufficient to know about. This concept is really not very strong. Look around you. You will see millions of products around and they all have their own logo. Why? Because it represents the branding to the world. Get free logo design and download from Product Clipping Path free trials.

Now, here comes the question, “What is Branding”? Branding is an identification of a company as well as the product. There are a huge number of products around the world for the same category. But with the branding, people like to purchase them without any doubt. That means branding builds the identity with trust. You need a professional logo design for the same. For example, you must know the worldwide brand ‘Nike’ or H&M, or ‘Ray.ban’. Each of them has its own identity and logo that people are aware of. This logo increases business sales. PCP is here to present authentic logo design ideas for the business you own.


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Programs to make the Logo

In order to make a logo, you need a logo maker software first. Generally, we use Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator for the design to make handcrafted logos. We also use Pen-Tablet (Wacom) device for better accuracy. Some may prefer the Canva logo maker. Whatever program we use, we like to do our best for the job. You can also get a free online version for stamp logo makers with limited options.

Categories of Logo

There is a huge number of logos around the world for different brands. Those who are renown, maintain their unique logo. Some other brand logos you can find on the web made by following renown ones. They are not actually brand companies. Maybe copies of the original products. Here we will talk about the original brand logo designs only.

  • Letterform Logos: Only one letter used as a logo is called Letterform Logos. This type of logo generally seen for the brands that are popular with the product or the service. Well, these days, some companies use this kind of letter from the beginning of there marketing as a brand. Macdonald’s logo is an example of Letterform Logos.
  • Lettermarks Logos: Lettermarks Logos contain letters that are more than one. This type of logos contains letters that have individual meaning. You must have known ‘CNN’. ‘C’ stands for ‘Cable’ as the channel started their journey with cable connection. ‘N’ stands for ‘News’ as they contain news and views from the whole world. And the last ‘N’ stands for ‘Network’ which is for their coverage through the globe. Together they made their logo ‘CNN’ which is Cable News Network.
  • Fonts Inside A Shape Logos: When the logo built with the brand name inside a shape, that is ‘Fonts Inside A Shape Logos’ category. For example, ‘Levi’s’ logo. You will see the name of the brand inside a shape. ‘MARVEL’ is another example but they put the name on a red background.
  • Wordmarks Logos: Nearly similar to ‘Letterform’ logos, Wordmarks logos contain the full name instead of a letter. The most renown brand ‘Google’ is a common example. Logos for Yahoo, Samsung, Sony, Visa, Microsoft, Canon, Dell, etc. are also the same type. Logo for enterprises often has the kind.
  • Slime Logos: Slime is a logotype that has a shape to attract children. This is a whole new type of logos. In early times, people did not use this kind. So this is new in categories. The ‘Burger King’ logo is an example.
  • Symbol/Pictorial Logos: This type is the most used in branding until today. A lot of companies around the world represent their brand with a symbol. There are tons of examples you can find on the internet. Logos for Apple, Tweeter, Marcedes, Nike, Shell lubricants, Puma, Windows, etc. are some of them.
  • Emblem Logos: This kind of logo is exceptional than any other. The main reason is, this kind contains shape, name, abstract and symbols at the same time. It is from the ancient concept but still has the appeal. For example, Harley-Davidson, Webster, BMW, Starbucks Coffee, Lions International, British Council, Honda, etc. are the known ones.
  • Combination Logos: Combination Logo is simply the bonding of a symbol and wordmark. It is also called ‘Company logo with name’. Companies often begin their brand logos like this type. Afterward, when they got the popularity, they use the logo only in some fields. For example, the Lacoste, Puma, Addidas, Dove, etc. are some of them. If you have the logo design images, that’s good. If you don’t, give the job to us.
  • Abstract Logos: This kind of logo has some resemblance to the ‘Pictorial Logo’. The difference is, Pictorial Logo contains one symbol only whereas Abstract Logo contains more than one geometric shapes as a combination. Pepsi, Mitsubishi Motors, Dominos Pizza, Adobe, etc. are examples of Abstract Logo.
  • Mascots: Not similar or close to any other logotypes, a Mascot logo is unique for the characteristic and approach. There is a character image in a cartoon format of the type. The logo may be colorful to represent a fun way. There would be the brand spokesperson of the company. For example, KFC, Mr. Peanut, etc. are the renown ones. Get character logo design free trial by PCP.

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Most frequent questions and answers

What is Logo?

Logo is a symbol/letter/word or the combination of all that represents the company branding. Without the logo, the company may run but may not get a position in the competitive market.

Why should companies use Logos?

There are several reasons to use a logo for the business. One of the most important ones is the identity. With the company logo, the world will get the face and know them well.

How many logotypes are there in the world?

There are several logotypes we can see. Product Clipping Path Categorized them by 10  types. As a matter of fact, there is one more. The creative type. You can ask for any combination and our creative designers will do the rest.

How much cost requires a Logo Design?

Logo Design is basically the creation of a Vector. That means, we need to create the whole part. It will not pixelate how big or small you use it. PCP kept the lowest price in the market starting at $3 per logo. Depending on the complication, the price may vary.

How long does it take for Logo Design?

Usually we can make 1000 logos within 24 hours with the best quality. We also do an urgent job depending on the situation. On price, we give up to 50% discount on bulk.


Logo Design is one creative work that everyone cannot do it well. PCP is happy to have such a wonderful and expert team of creative designers. Our creation is praised by our customers which is the most valuable of our achievements. Meet the best free logo maker of PCP with the job. We work with dedication and labor to reach to the top.


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