Open hours: 8.00-18.00 Mon-Fri
Open hours: 8.00-18.00 Mon-Fri

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This is the world full of media. At the age of information, everything is faster growing. In old times there were limitations of product marketing. No way of capturing the product impression on anything. Then came black & white photography. That time even the type of photography was a miracle. After that photography came in color format. But still, there was the limitation of marketing a product faster. Then comes the digital marketing but not enough option to edit the image well. Today, we have the most advanced technology of product marketing and editing image. Product Clipping Path serves you the advanced quality editing for your e-commerce product. Let us know your wish for the product image and get accordingly.

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Professional quality photo editing service with the goal to reach the top.

Our Goal

To serve you the highest quality photo editing service in the range is our first priority. We value our customers the most. We have successfully built a hard-working and dedicated team for the service. Besides, we provide non-stop service round the clock so that you do not need to worry a bit. Here we are about to discuss our service method.

Time-Saving Service

We always do our best to provide the service within the deadline. In fact, most of the projects we finish long before the time boundary. Do not about the image quantity you need to edit by us. We have a large team with co-operative psychology. If the quantity is huge and time is short, the whole team works together to complete the task by possible shortest time.

Industry Bottom Price

Product Clipping Path offers you the most attractive price for the photo editing services. There are so many service providers here and there. But do they all give you the best service at a low price? Well, we do like to give you the service with the best price and quality. Our starting price is $0.25 per image. It will be less depending on the quantity. We also give discount up to 50% on bulk.

Fast Image Editing

Our designers are experienced and efficient in all kinds of image editing. Serving with high-performance is our prime target. We always do our best with the service and focus less on other issues. This is not a dialogue only; we do maintain the quality with care. Our customers are satisfied with the job. And we are happy with their satisfaction. We believe if we can serve the best, it will take our company position to the topmost.

Carefully hand-drawn Background Removal services for trendy, modern photos.

Product Clipping Path started the journey in 2010. The founder of the company is Mr. Firoz Khan. He is the eldest son of his parents. Before starting the company, he outsourced several services to overseas clients. He believed that photo editing can change many young people’s life. Today the company has more than 500 clients from several countries. The clients are so generous to give compliments on our service quality. It is an honor for us and inspiration at the same time. Every good work inspires us to do more. Also, every mistake gives us the scope of learning.

We have more than 150 designers who are working with their dedication. No matter how the image difficulty is or the time limit, they are always ready to serve with accuracy. In fact, they do their job in a happy mind that gives them positive energy.

When the company founded, the owner focused on young people with potential. He has a group of friends who are all open-minded and like to give support to the needy people. They thought, why not give them an opportunity to support themselves? A number of young people agreed with the theme and here is the company today.

We have a training facility as well in the company. We know, without the proper guideline it is very difficult for someone to rise in life. We are doing our best to create employment facilities for the young fellows to be something great in life.


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