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Open hours: 8.00-18.00 Mon-Fri

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One of the most basic, necessary and effective services of image editing is Photoshop Background Removal Services. Remove Background or Remove BG, in short, takes the place for the unique characteristics that cannot be avoided easily. There is free software to remove the background from an image but none of them passed the test with an expected satisfactory level. However, background removal is not applicable in every image but where do, do not hesitate to contact ‘Product Clipping Path’.

Remove background from the image also known as clip cutout actually implemented on the subject of the image to give that the accessibility to take out from the whole image and set on another or without background. In the age of information technology, digital marketing or e-commerce marketing takes place over regular marketing policy. Most of the e-commerce sites require images without any background or white background. In both types, background removal is inevitable. If you feel to have professional photography photoshop online, come to ‘Product Clipping Path’


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Professional quality Background Removing Service in range.

Categories of Background Removal Services

Considering the image quality or type, there are some categorizations of background removal. As a matter of fact, it varies with the subject complexity and task difficulty. No matter what, Product Clipping Path is available to give you the best at a reasonable price.

Basic Background Removal

Subject with the straight edges, few curves and no hole is cut off from the background by Basic Background removal Service. Examples are a mobile phone, egg, rectangular object like a box, circled object like a globe, etc.

Simple Background Removal

Product item that has less than six anchor points and one or two holes or embedded transparency are the subjects of Simple Background Removal service. Examples are a pair of rings, keyring, tag, etc.

Medium Background Removal

More than six anchor points, a couple of holes, curves and embedded transparency available in the subject, are for Medium Background Removal service. A number of tools required for the job in Photoshop to remove the background from the subject.

Complex Background Removal

Image subjects with lots of anchor points, holes and embedded transparency are cut out from the background by Complex Background Removal service. Examples are bicycle, jewelry, a group of people, furniture, etc.

Super Complex Background Removal

Subject of the image containing thin objects like a furry doll, flying hair with a human model, Tree, living animal, etc. are separated from the background by Super Complex Background Removal service.

Remove Objects From the Image

This one is different. With Remove Objects From the Image service, the background is kept but some objects are removed to give the whole image a decorative look. For example, a room full of furniture looks clumsy but if the furniture and other unwanted objects are removed, it will look open and cozy.


What our clients say

Carefully hand-drawn Background Removal services for trendy, modern photos.

FAQ About Background Removal Service

Most frequent questions and answers

How do you do background remove in Photoshop?

Commonly we cut out the subject from the whole image to remove the background. Sometimes the whole background is not required to remove, instead of some objects which are unwanted. In this, the subject is the background.

What is the Background Removal service?

Simply, removing the background from the subject or product is Background Removal service. In some cases, the subject is the background and objects are required to remove.

Who needs Background Removal services?

Business organizations who marketize the product online, especially need the service. Besides that, the service can be used personally to create a whole different image structure with the subjects together.

When to use Background Removal?

Widely used in e-commerce websites to advertise products. Almost every e-commerce sites ask for product item without background.

What is the price and completion period of the service?

$ 0.29 is our starting price with 24 hours turnaround time for up to 3000 images.

Product Clipping Path deals with Photoshop Background Removal service like no other. We have good customers in UK, UAE, Italy, USA, Australia and many more countries in the world. One more thing, no matter how good we are, we re-edit according to your comment unlimited times to meet your satisfaction. Trust us if you pay someone to photoshop your images with the best output.


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