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Open hours: 8.00-18.00 Mon-Fri

Image Masking Services



Service Starts Form Only $1.29

Photoshop Image Masking Services are together one of the most essential image editing services among all online photograph editing options. However, the part is close to some other image editing services that you may find confusing. Though there are similarities but different by nature. Hiring someone to edit photos is a matter of hassle. Well, Product Clipping Path gives you two free trials before you choose to place an order for image masking.

Photoshop Image Masking is appropriate for the images that have thin edges or hair, fur, etc. In some cases, Clipping Path and Background Removal services are used for some areas but most of the images could not be handled by them. Hence, Photoshop Image Masking Service steps forward to simplify the editing that are complicated for others. If you have such subjects and need someone to Photoshop the images for you, leave the hesitation and let us take the pain.


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Categories of Image Masking services

As it sounds effective for editing the image, its categorization is in variety. The only thing is as usual and that is, the types are made according to the image quality. Anybody is willing to pay someone to edit photos if they are satisfactory. So, what are you waiting for, ask Product Clipping Path for your job to be done.

Layer Masking

It’s a manual Photoshop editing process, used Pen Tablet (Wacom) to apply the mask directly. Subjects with soft and refine edges requires an expert hand to remove from the background. As the edges are thin and sensitive, the price varies according to the image difficulty.


Alpha Channel Masking

Alpha Channel Masking is used to modify exposure, brightness, contrast, etc. after separating the subject from the image. It also requires a background in a single color and the file size is comparatively low and good for transferring.


Fur & Hair Masking

Highly effective Fur & Hair Masking on the images that have flying hair or long fur. Pen-Tablet is mandatory to separate this kind of subject with thin edges from the background. Exposure, brightness, contrast, color, etc. are also corrected as required.


Refine Edge Masking

Refine Edge Masking is used to give the soft-edged subject images a more natural look. In here, Photoshop ‘Select & Mast’ option is used with ‘Radius’ adjustment to maintain soft edges.

Transparent Object Masking

Image subjects that have 0%-5% opacity and light can pass through are required Transparent Object Masking service to separate from the background. Transparency and visibility of the background are kept intact.


Translucent Object Masking

Subjects with 5%-100% opacity with the semi-transparent portion present is in need of Translucent Object Masking service. Light passes through in a low ratio and fuzzy like a bridal veil, muslin fabric, plastic bottle, frosted glass, etc. are the examples.

Object Masking

Object Masking service is essential for the deformation of an image. Useless or irrelevant objects are removed with the quick selection tool called ‘Select & Mask’. Actually, it’s a layer mask that is effective for the action.


Color Masking

Color Masking service is used to cut images subjects by the edge with one to two pixels inside just maintain perfection. Later some more editing as exposure, color, retouching, etc. may be applied according to the type of the image.


What our clients say

Carefully hand-drawn Image Masking services for trendy, modern photos.

FAQ About Image Masking services

Most frequent questions and answers

How do you do Image Masking in Photoshop?

We use Photoshop’s ‘Select & Mask’ option to do the editing of Image Masking. Additional retouching is also added to the requirement of the subject image.

What is the Image Masking Service?

Removing the background from the subject that has soft edges and thin objects like hair and fur needs extra care than Clipping Path which Masking service can do effectively.

Who needs Image Masking services?

Image Masking services are required by most of the online business organizations. It’s essential and effective to market the product on the web. Also, it is used in non-commercial and personal aspects.

When to use Image Masking?

At the stage when Background Removal and Clipping Path service is not sufficient to separate the subject, Image Masking service is a lifesaver.

What is the price and completion period of the service?

Our minimum price for the Image Masking service is $ 1.29 per image with 24 hours turnaround time for up to 2000 images.


Any photo editing service company tries to mention their quality is the best. We won’t do that. Instead, we invite you to check our service quality with the free trials. We have brought you Photoshop services near you so that you can hire professional photo editors by the designers we have. Try us to prove ourselves worthy.


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