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Product Clipping Path is a USA based image editing organization. With 30 years of experience, we have discovered something. Images or photos hold significant values on the person or product. Whatever the purpose is you should represent an image in an appealing form. Do not worry about the condition of the image. We use our skills to correct and create the impression the product needs. We have a confident team to do the service so that you do not need to worry a bit about the editing. Our services are Clipping Path service, Color Correction service, Photo Restoration service, Photo Retouching service, Ghost Mannequin service, Image Masking Service, Shadow Creation service, Vector Illustration service and Photography Post Production service.

There are lots of service providers all over the world. But do they all have the capability of satisfactory output? Well, of course not. If all are equal in quality there will not be any variation. We will not announce ourselves better than any. Instead, we like to offer you to verify our service quality with the free trials. We have customers from different sectors such as professional photographers, photo studios, magazine publishers, graphic designers, e-commerce sites, printing & prepress companies, web design houses and more. We have a 24/7 customer support team and a dedicated image editing team. We provide the service within the least turnaround time possible. Also, we offer industry bottom price for any of the services you need.


Price saving 100% quality service with the lowest possible time limit.

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The services we do are all about image editing. You do not need to worry a bit about the image for editing or preparing for an e-commerce site. Yet, we invite you to visit our website Product Clipping Path and get free trials. After satisfied, place the order.

Remove Image Background

Image Background Removal is the main editing work for the product image. There are several editing techniques on this. E-commerce sites ask for the product image without background or white background. That means any image will lose compatibility with a distracting background. We focus on the service without the background. Think of a subject with a background with many objects. Can you get a good view? Of course not. You need the subject without the objects for the best view. Hence, Image Background removal gets the topmost priority in image editing. Come to Product Clipping Path for the perfection of the services. Image Background removal service has four types.

Clipping Path Service

We use the Clipping Path Service for e-commerce sites. It is necessary for the product presentation. The basic part is background removal. For this, we mark and select the product photo or subject and then take that out from the background. We use some techniques to do the job. Subjects need different ways to take off from the background. We also add effect considering the product or subject and the exposure.

Ghost Mannequin Service

The Service has the ability to remove the mannequin from the subject. We use mannequin to save the high cost of using a living human model. A garment does not look good with a flat view whether we hang it or keep on a flat surface. The item looks good if worn. If the company can bear the high cost of models, is much better. But, if not, a mannequin is the best solution. We remove the mannequin for a fine 3-D look.

Image Masking Service

This is very useful on the subjects with a soft and thin edge. We use Photoshop techniques to do the job. It is a combination of two services. One is Clipping Path Service and the other one is Background Removal Service. Background removal is our prime service. So, we call it background removal with masking. Only Clipping Path Service cannot handle the subject with the furry edge. Sometimes we use Pen-Tablet for accuracy.

Shadow Creation Service

We create shadows to give the subject a natural and stunning look. In the natural environment shadow is a common thing. There are very few things that do not have shadows. But for the product images, the shadow is mandatory. Without it the view is incomplete. We create shadow as real it should be. It is not a matter to us for the job. Product Clipping Path designers are great with the kind of work.

Proper and efficient background removal without any trace.

Photo Retouching

Retouching means some extra touch on the image to get the flawless look. Images are hardly perfect when captured. For a clean and clear image of the e-commerce business, it has no alternative. A single impurity can ruin the impression and can harm the business. For this reason, image retouching is a must. Product Clipping Path uses the most effective technique for you to get the best result. We value your business. We always do the best retouching for the images so that you can make a profit with the business. Come and get our free trial and after satisfaction, place bulk order.

Color Correction Service

Exposure correction is the main editing required for the Color Correction Service. In most cases, photographs get wrong exposure while capturing. We use Multi Clipping Path for the correction. We change color, upgrade & enhance the color for the images. Needed for both e-commerce and other purposes, color correction is the crown editing. Send your images to us and relax for a while. We will complete the task before the deadline and get back to you.

High-End Retouching

High-end retouching has the greatest use for human beauty and good looks. The photographs taken on any occasion has a unique value for the person. Not only that, in business, the necessity of beauty and clean look is mandatory. Your product with the model should be attractive to look at. This will help you to create an attractive impression to the customers. Wedding photographs also need extra appeal for satisfaction.

Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration Service is the most vital one for bringing back memories. We have all faced trouble with old photographs more or less. Memories are so precious and sometimes priceless. When we lose someone, try to keep their memories by the photographs. But the memories on a piece of paper is not long lusting. It gets damaged. We repair the damages of the photographs and bring them back to new. We also colorize black & white photographs.

Portrait Retouching

The human face is not picture perfect most of the time. This is natural. Eye-bags, blemishes, acne, dark spots, etc. damage the beauty of the face. Portrait Retouching Service performs on these types of impurities. We use Photoshop techniques to remove imperfections in an effective way. We perform Beauty Retouching, Skin Retouching, Hair Retouching, Teeth Retouching, and more. We always do it in a natural way. You cannot find a trace after the job done.

Image retouching service for the clean, clear and gorgeous look.

Photography Post Production

Post-Production signifies further processing after the production. This is the most important part of photo editing related to photography. No production is perfect right after capturing. It needs impurities removal, polishing, etc. for better results. The procedure needs maintenance with the correct activity for good presentation. First, you need to capture the image in a professional way. The image background needs to separate or change from the subject. After that, you need to remove spots and impurities. Then comes the polishing. Here you need to correct the color, beautify the tone and tone the exposure. Now the image is ready to roll. Photography Post-Production types are as follows;

E-commerce Photo Editing

The most important part of e-commerce marketing is e-commerce photo editing. Any product you want to display online needs editing for the appealing look. This is a marketing strategy. There is no one who does not want the product image looks gorgeous. The service gives you the option to represent any product fit for the purpose. From cut out to final retouching, every activity is present here.

Jewelry Image Editing

Jewelry is the most favorite for women. They become so happy when someone gifts any jewelry. Online marketing has made the way easy to display designs by e-commerce sites. Jewelry business is an expensive business. The owner wants the product presentation should be eye-catchy. Here stands the Jewelry Image Editing. We add the shine and attractive look to your Jewelry image for the best impression. You can ask the editing and get as you want.

Wedding Photo Retouching

A wedding ceremony is the most important one in human life. Everyone is so excited about the occasion. The ceremony comes to human life generally only once. What do we like to do with the moments so precious to us? We capture them and try to store them in a proper way to keep them safe. This is because we want our moments live forever. We give the moments some extra touch so that they become beautiful and lively.

Real Estate Image Editing

The world is a beautiful place to live in. But the amount of people is increasing day by day comparing the living place. Real Estate business brings out the solution to use the best of the land to the fullest. They also build luxury living places and apartments as rich people’s needs. We give you Real Estate Image Editing service for the images of any project for an outstanding look.

Fashion Photo Editing

The world is full of a lot of media. The main attraction of any media is a good presentable view. Fashion industries have taken responsibility for the purpose. If you are a business owner and you need a fashion model to represent your product this is the thing. We do the editing of the photographs to your fashion product and model for a good appealing view. Come and get the free trials.

Stock Photo Retouching

We understand stock photos as the images are available on the websites. But people have their own stock photo collection of their memories. Time passes by, only the memories stay behind if you can capture them in time and store. The captured images may get damaged or destroyed for many reasons. We give the service Stock Photo Retouching to correct the impurities and defects. You will get surprised after seeing the result.

Theme oriented post-production to give the photographs the best appearance.

Vector Illustration & Drawing

Vector Illustration & Drawing is the art of image editing service. The reason is, it creates a subject to a form that is similar to the original one but with more compatibility. Why do the hard job when we have high definition capturing device and editing services? Well, the fact is to match the rule. You need to change the format according to the rule of the programs used in a specific sector. For industrial use, this service has no other alternative. Moreover, Vector images are free of resolution boundaries. You can resize it as big or as small. You can call it Print-Ready image service because of the image’s ability of printing to any media. Classifications are as below;

Logo Design

Logo is the symbol of a brand. Without the logo, the presentation of any company is incomplete. It should be unique and relevant to the company’s services. So, the only thing you can do is to create something. The logo also needs to be independent of resolution. That means, it should have the capability of resizing to any. We design the logo according to customer needs. You can use the logo as the brand presentation as well as printing to any media.

Raster to Vector Conversion

Raster to Vector Conversion is a process to change any Raster image to Vector. This conversion creates the compatibility to use for any media. This is the common term of artworks and logos created by Adobe Illustrator. It has the usability of industrial printing. Also used for Architectural 2D or 3D Vector drawing, Civil & Mechanical Engineering. We have an efficient designer group to perform the job with creativity and expertise.

Hand-drawn Vector Illustration service for the most appealing view.


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FAQ About Our Services

Most frequent questions and answers

What is Photo Editing Services?

Adjustment, correction, modification, addition and separation activity on the images as required are Photo Editing Services.

What is the use of the services?

The uses of the services are huge. From personal to business, company to Liaison house, dealer to print media, in every aspect Photo Editing Services has the usage.

How is the service performed?

The procedure of the services varies depending on the image and the type of service needed. One thing is common to most of the editing and that is background removal.

Are the services really necessary?

 If you want to take a position in e-commerce business or need to beautify your images for better exposure, the services are really necessary.

What are the prices for the services?

The price is variable concerning the image quality and service type you need. Product Clipping Path keeps the price starting from $ 0.25 and gives up to 50% discount on bulk.


Product Clipping Path outsource Image Editing Services all over the world. With years of experience, we have reached a position with customer satisfaction and good wishes. This is our destiny to reach the topmost position in the world with the editing services. We are providing 24/7 customer support for our valuable clients. Clients around the world including the USA, UK, Italy and Australia give their compliments on our service. This is our best achievement.


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