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Open hours: 8.00-18.00 Mon-Fri

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This is the twenty-first century. The business of any discipline has the most useful communicating method with e-commerce marketing. With the help of information technology, the business is free of limitations. E-commerce Photo Editing jobs open up the door of huge opportunities. The process started at the beginning of the year 2000. Now it has become more and more vulnerable in online marketing.

In the competitive world of business, the most important thing to focus on is photo editing. You cannot use any raw image or the image without clarity for e-commerce. This is very harmful to business growth. At the same time, you need to follow the conditions of e-commerce sites for image uploading. Different websites have their own conditions that every customer should follow. Otherwise, they will not allow any image to upload. Outsourcing product photo editing with Product Clipping Path is here to serve all the above.


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Differentiation of E-commerce Photo Editing

There are multiple tasks in e-commerce product image editing. All the images do not need the same sort. That is why it is important to know about the types of photo editing. Depending on the subject or product complexity the service needs to choose. Lots of works need to do in photo editing. We will discuss the prime ones here. Commercial photo editing that honorable customers frequently need are;

Background Removal

This is a very common and useful part of photo editing. When we take or capture a picture cannot maintain the environment always. As a result, the subject of the image loses the individual look. To gain the solo view of the product or subject we need to remove the background. We can not only remove the background but also replace it with another one according to the requirement.


Product photography retouching is one mandatory part of the business reputation. Any small impurity may not be visible with the eyes. But it can be seen in the photographs. Not only the impurities, color, brightness, exposure, etc. also harm the impression. Product Clipping Path provides a smooth and flawless retouching service for your images.

Clipping Paths

This is one of the most common editing conditions of e-commerce Photo Editing. It is actually the marking of any subject on the image. If the marking is correct, we can use it for further editing. There are several ways of Clipping Paths. The most common and renown one is the legendary ‘Pen Tool’. With the Pen Tool, it is easy and accurate to make the path.

Color Match

Color Match, also known as color correction is another important part. The subject of the image may be seen alright but not the surroundings. Or there are multiple subjects in one image but the tone is not similar. Or the subject and the background contain the same tone but not the perfect one. All the mismatches we correct with this service in a perfect way. Color match is also a part and parcel in photo blending services.

Color Correction

Mannequin is a structure or a doll resemblance to the human body. For some presentation of products that are used over the human body, the mannequin is used. The reason is the high cost of the human model. Mannequin is very cheap for the purpose and saves multiple times expenses. With the Invisible Mannequin service, we remove the mannequin and edit adding the back parts. This gives the product a ghostly hollow look.


Shadow is another unavoidable part. Any item that has more than 5% opacity makes a shadow. Now, ‘What is opacity?’ Opacity is the transparency level. The less the opacity, the more transparent it is. In many cases, the shadow of the image is not seen better. We remove the original shadow and implement the most matching and accurate one.


This one is a smart thing in image editing. Masking is an editing process by which any subject can be marked with more efficiency. We usually use the service for the complex and compound images with a busy background. It is the most convenient than any other selection services available. But it is not cool and easy to select any subject.

Batch processing and resizing

 It is a job of proper calculation with planning to process a large number of photos together. We maintain image batch processing activity in an organized manner. For the job done beyond time, we make the plan keeping all the important issues in mind. Also, our experts are fast and experienced in resizing batch photos efficiently.

Clarity Touch-Ups

A kind of retouching for the photos to obtain the sharpness for a clear view. The Clarity Touch Up Service handles all the impurities like spots, blemishes, dark circles, etc. and make the image sharp. Though the service mainly focuses on clarity, it also takes care of the defects in the images.


What our clients say

instruction-based photo editing with e-commerce compatibility.

FAQ About E-commerce Photo Editing

Most frequent questions and answers

What is E-commerce Photo Editing?

The editing service that works on product or fashion photographs for online marketing is E-commerce Photo Editing.

How E-commerce Photo Editing helps business growth?

E-commerce Photo Editing gives the image a clean, clear and attractive look. This amplifies the product acceptance to the clients. Helps the business growth in the end.

What is the price for E-commerce Photo Editing?

Outsourcing photo editing prices depend on the product image category and service that need. Product Clipping Path keeps industry bottom price starting at $0.39 per image.

How can one get E-commerce Photo Editing by outsourcing?

Product Clipping Path is standing by to outsource E-commerce Photo Editing Service 24/7 round the clock. Get our free trial to have a better idea.

What is the turnaround time for E-commerce Photo Editing?

Depending on the service and image subject type the turnaround time is variable. For basic editing, Product Clipping Path’s turnaround time is 24 hours for up to 5000 images.


To amplify the business growth and get the top position, there is no alternative to presenting the product image in the e-commerce sites. Here comes the necessity of image retouching or photo editing. The average presentation will bring nothing better in the competitive market. You need to focus on a good presentation. E-commerce Photo Editing Service gives you the best presentation for your business to reach the top.


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