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Open hours: 8.00-18.00 Mon-Fri

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Advanced editing brings you the opportunity of creating a shadow with Photoshop Shadow Creation Service. This is created artificially but in a realistic look. The shadow is made depending on the light angle. If the light comes from the right side of an object, the shadow will be created on the left side. Not only that, the shadow length, depth, width, blur, etc. also conditional by the light and the object present. Compositing shadows by Photoshop is a creative and time-consuming work for the perfect output. We give you the perfection of shadow in Photoshop Shadow Creation service with the acceptable real view.

Shadows are necessary for the product images as well as the human model. Various Photoshop editing required to perform the action such as background remove, noise & distraction remove, retouch & enhance, color correction and shadow creation at the end. We can create a realistic shadow and do all the editings on any image our customers ask. For example, product items like mobile phone, watch, ring, book, table, pen, bottle, etc. Apparel like a shirt, t-shirt, suit, jacket, lingerie, etc. Footwear like shoes, sneakers, sandals, high-heels, etc. Our shadow service is well known for e-commerce sites, magazines, digital media ads, printing, product brochures, catalogs and more business fields with their reasonable appeal.


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Design-oriented but realistic shadow creation with the perfect concept.

Variety in Shadow Creation by Photoshop

Shadows are a few types in number but huge by creativity. Different types of objects require different types of shadows. All of them cannot be mentioned individually or it will take longer to properly explain step by step. We will discuss four major shadow types here.

Reflection Shadow

Reflection Shadow is made from the theme of light reflection shadow in real. When we put something on a glass surface or any glossy surface and look from any side, a shadow is seen in the glass or the surface. It can also be called Photoshop shadow under the object. This happens because of light. Generally glossy surface reflects anything. This kind of shadow is created by this type of shadow creation service. No matter how the original shadow was or how wrong was the background, we remove the subject from the background and add shadow exactly natural. Reflection Shadow is widely used for cosmetics, glass bottles, perfume bottles, ceramic items, etc. We can also add this type of shadow on any subject our customers want.

Natural Shadow

Image subject with the matt finishing does not reflect much for the characteristics. In the situation, the shadow or reflection created naturally does not seem good. Moreover, the shadow shows imperfections which are not acceptable for business presentation. Thus, the Photoshop shadow effect is the way to gain a natural-looking shadow with perfection.

Drop Shadow

This is one kind of shadow that is implemented to focus the subject from the top. Photoshop filters are used to perform the job. The shadow is not real but the impression given in the images looks realistic by all means. The function is present in the Photoshop program inbuilt but requires creativity to apply on the image subject in a proper way. Our expert designers are capable enough to add the perfect drop shadow as it should be. We also follow our customer suggestion for the shadow creation according to will.

Retain Original Shadow

Shadows, whether that is for a product or human being are not always perfect depending on the light, weather, environment or photo shooting. Shadow may be deemed or imperfect and can ruin the impression of the image. As a result, it will hamper the business flow. We use the best technique to implement the theme-based shadow creation for the product to be perfectly focused.


What our clients say

Shadow creation by maintaining the impression for a better match and presentable view.

FAQ About Image Shdow Effets/Creation

Most frequent questions and answers

How to create a natural shadow in Photoshop?

Photoshop techniques in several formats are used to create a drop shadow for the subject. Sometimes it is customized from inbuilt options, sometimes made.

How is Vector Conversion & Illustration done?

In order to create a natural shadow in photoshop first the subject is cut out from the background to a new layer. Next, the shadow is created artificially matching the subject to be seen perfect.

How to add a text shadow in Photoshop?

Text shadow creation in Photoshop is inbuilt the program. It is added by selecting the text layer with more options available. This is not hard to make but looks impressive when applied.

What is the cost of shadow creation?

Shadow creation price starts from $ 0.25 per image and up to 50% bulk discount depending on the quantity.

What action will be taken if the shadow creation is wrong?

This is one of the prime issues of the service. We offer unlimited correction according to customer comments until a satisfactory level.


Perfect shadowing on the image subject only possible by realistic drop shadow Photoshop action. Experienced and creative graphic designers use their effective thinking capability to provide just and accurate shadow making service. Our clients are spread across countries like the UK, USA, Italy, Australia, Canada, etc. We have achieved a good reputation with our service quality and communication.


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