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To make something understand, it is mandatory to explain with a description. Sometimes it is very hard to explain in words because it takes a lot of words. For this reason, it is said, “Pictures worth a thousand words. With the appropriate picture, the explanation is barely necessary. We use our creative designers to sort out the perfect image for your theme to get the best. PCP says, “Can I edit stock photos for your business development?” 

There are a number of stock photo sites on the web. The main focusable thing is, they are compatible to use anywhere you want. All of them are open to you except for some websites. For them, you need to pay according to their requirements. You can choose any image you want and they are all of high-quality. If you do not like the way the images are, you can edit them as you want. Here comes the usefulness of Stock Photo Retouching. Product Clipping Path (PCP) offers an affordable low cost for the editings of any kind.


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Comment based Stock Photo Retouching as required for any field

Terms need to follow

In order to use the stock photo for your e-commerce site, there are two mandatory parts. One is the source of the stock photos and the second is the editing types. We are here to give you both the facilities that you do not need to worry a bit. Just let us know your requirements and leave them to us. There are two major parts. They are;

  • Stock Photo Sites
  • Editing Categories

Stock Photo Sites

There a large number of stock photo sites. We are mentioning some of them with popularity.

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Editing Categories

The editing categories are many in number. We will go for the core types here. There are a couple of ways of retouching images in photoshop. They are with the description as follows.

Background Modification

This is one of the most basic and common terms of image editing. The background is not always compatible with the subject. Sometimes they are odd and need to replace. Moreover, for the e-commerce sites, it is a requirement to upload the image without the background or on white. There are several ways to remove the background. It depends on the tools of Photoshop. The tools are to perform background removal are

  1. The Pen Tool
  2. The Quick Selection Tool
  3. The Lasso Tool
  4. The Marquee Tool
  5. Select & Mask Tool

With the help of the tools, we remove the background or replace it with another. Details of the tools require a bit story and we will not go for that here.

Invisible Mannequin

In order to save money but to make the presentation well apparel business firms often use a mannequin. Later we remove the mannequin and add missing parts to give the full view. PCP edits the images as they are made in 3D. We leave no trace. In the end, the subject got the perfect ghostly look with the appeal.

Color Correction

One of the most vital editings we need to represent a product to e-commerce sites is Color Correction. Most of the times you may find the images with poor color. You cannot upload the imperfect images for online marketing purposes. This will ruin the overall impression of your business. PCP presents perfectly natural-looking editing performance to gain customer attention.

High-End Retouching

High-End Retouching is also known as beauty retouch. It is kind of retouching images in Photoshop. This editing is greatly used on the fashion models to get a smooth and appealing look. However, this can be used for the products with the model to make the usefulness. Give us the concept of your need and we will do the rest.

Photo Blending

You may need some images with a mystical look. They are not natural looking more like creative works with a different kind of impression. Business organizations often ask for these kinds of images for the cover page, banner, leaflet, etc. to make the eye-catchy look. We make sure to make the best of Photo Blending to the purpose you need.

Desktop Publishing

This is mainly wanted by publishers who do printing and publishing jobs. We make the perfect image in digital format as they want. This is a work that becomes successful with satisfaction. That means it may require several revisions to get the perfect one. PCP is here to offer you unlimited revision until satisfaction.


What our clients say

Perfection in editing with the stock photos good for your business.

FAQ About Jewelry Image Editing

Most frequent questions and answers

What is a Stock Photo?

Stock photo is the CCO licensed image that business organizations can use as their own. This helps to increase the business possibilities for a starter.

What is Stock Photo Retouching?

The editing implemented on stock photos is called Stock Photo Retouching. Generally, this kind of retouching we use to save time and money according to customer requirements.

Is it really necessary to use Stock Photo Retouching for e-commerce?

It is not mandatory for e-commerce to use stock photos. But if you want a large number of images within a short time free of cost, this is the best idea.

What is the cost per image for Stock Photo Retouching?

Price is variable depending on the image complication and the services required. PCP offers industry bottom price starting at $0.90 per image.

What about the turnaround time for Stock Photo Retouching?

PCP gives 3500 images per 24 hours with the best quality. We also do urgent job completion in case of an emergency.


Stock Photo Retouching is the easy part. The hard part is sorting out the images the customers want. PCP is an expert for the purpose. We have experienced design team with good business sense. They sort out the best images for you with the theme inside. We also work on your provided images according to comments. You can also send us free raw images for retouching.


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