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Open hours: 8.00-18.00 Mon-Fri

Vector Conversion & Illustration Services



Service Starts Form Only $2.99

Changing the view of a subject whether that is a product, model, logo or design to vector lines is Vector Conversion & Illustration. The human being is the best creation of the Almighty in any aspect. Conversion of anything is the play for us. We have the thinkability and comparing psychology so that we can use the best format possible. This age is full of media in various. Most of the time one format of the media does not support another. Especially for industrial or factory use, raster to vector conversion is used widely. As there are no other alternatives, convert image to vector illustrator is very crucial

We have highly skilled graphic designers for the conversion to 2D, 3D, CAD Design and image or print to Text Digitization from any format including raster or Bitmap Images. Convert JPG to vector illustrator & convert PNG to vector illustrator are mentionable concerning issues. This format raster images are complicated to use in many aspects as it loses the sharpness and depth when it increases into a bigger size or resolution. On the other hand, Vector images have the capability to increase the size or resolution to any. Not only the size support, but the images are also a requirement for some programs used in automated machines in the industries. For this reason, Vector images are also called Print-Ready images. We use Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand Flash Animation for the conversion of Raster to Vector so that they can be used for Auto CAD, 3D design, Architectural 2D & 3D drawings, and Civil Engineering.


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Artistic conversion of an image from any format to Vector for the necessity.

Vector Conversion & Illustration in category

Categorization of Vector Conversion & Illustration services is a hard job as any drawing is difficult, time-consuming and requires expertise for the best output. It depends on the image complication along with the time required for the job. As already said, this is a matter of art. All the designers are not applicable and those who are we got them in our team. Our designers use convert image to vector Photoshop techniques sometimes. Want to have Raster to Vector jobs at home, go for Product Clipping Path.

Product to Vector Design

This sort of conversion is required to Illustrate the product image into a Line Drawing format. The only difference is, it contains grayscale variation in separate places depending on the original product color depth. This will give your product a unique appearance for online marketing.

2D CAD Design

The service is used for the items that are implemented for raw presentation to the manufacturer. This is also a traditional way for the designer or manufacturer as an art. 2D CAD Design is also useful to the garments manufacturing factories to reduce the labor of the worker also for accuracy.

3D Vector Conversion

3D Vector Conversion is a convenient job to be done in an artistic way. The hard part is to do the job properly. As an example, the image of a garment edited by the Ghost Mannequin Effects needs to convert into a 3D object. It looks pretty simple at first sight but doing it accurately maintaining every line properly is the hard job.

3D Product Modeling

The service is just the opposite of the types explained before. Here line drawing is converted into a 3D presentation. We have a creative team that creates a realistic 3D product conversion so that it brings the appeal for your business presentation.

Raster to Vector Conversion

This is the basic conversion or Vector Conversion & Illustration. Adobe Illustrator is used for Raster to Vector Conversion services in order to create logos and artworks. Mostly used in Mechanical & Civil Engineering and Architectural 2D/3D Vector drawings. If you feel to vector your image come to Product Clipping Path. Convert raster to vector is really a piece of art.

Artwork Design and Line Drawing

Vector Artwork Design and Line Drawing service is used for giving the product view like it is drawn by a pencil. For industrial use, there are various programs such as Modaris, Diamino, etc. in order to use them for automated cutting or printing purposes. As a matter of fact, for Line drawing, Vector Illustration is more accurate and convenient than the other options available.

Logo Design

Vector Logo design is nearly the same as Raster to Vector Conversion service but different in handling. In here, the logo is made with the concept without conversion from any image. So, this is completely a creation, not conversion. We have creative designers who are efficient in creating outstanding logos with the theme provided by our customers.

Character Drawing for Animation

Today, there are animations present in almost every media. The characters are often taken from real-life images. Sometimes they are from hand-sketched images that are required to convert in a smooth and attractive drawing. If you are in need of such characters for animation, check out the Product Clipping Path for the best results.


What our clients say

Hand-drawn Vector Conversion & Illustration service for the product or logo in the ultimate look.

FAQ About Vector Conversion & Illustration

Most frequent questions and answers

What is Vector Conversion & Illustration?

The subject of an image of real or natural format, convert that into an artistic line drawing is Vector Conversion & Illustration.

How is Vector Conversion & Illustration done?

Vector Conversion & Illustration is performed by hand drawing in digital format. The subject is drawn the same to the same maintaining all the sections present.

Where is the service used?

The service is used for company logo design or industrial uses to simplify manufacturing procedures.

How much does it cost to vectorize artwork?

As the service is time-consuming and hand-drawn, it is a bit costly. Our starting price is $ 3.35 per image with up to 50% bulk discount depending on the quantity.

How Vectorization can benefit the business?

Vectorization can benefit the business in very few ways but unique by nature. Logo design, Raster to Vector conversion, 3D product modeling, etc. is only possible by Vector Conversion & Illustration.


Vector Conversion and Illustration is a job that requires expertise, creativity, hard work and determination at the same time. No other service is this complicated to be done in a proper way. A single mistake can ruin the impression which we never ignore correcting. We are praised by our clients from Australia, Canada, the USA, the UK, Italy and many more. We do the job not only for business purposes but also for the reputation. Raster to Vector conversion online platform of Product Clipping Path is developing at a pace.


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